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Recently, a very good friend of mine finished her research and decided that she was going to start making made-in-Nigeria chocolates from our abundance of cocoa beans in the Country.

Trouble began when she tried to purchase the cocoa beans, everyone she asked was asking her how many tonnes she needed, tonnes kwa?? She wanted a small bag to experiment and perfect her product.

And so it is for many budding and aspiring agripreneurs, every time you try to make something out of our Nigerian products, you will face numerous hurdles that will make you question yourself, if it is not problem of sourcing raw materials, it is problem of processing machinery, NAFDAC,  the list is endless.

You see, our farmers are so fascinated by commodity trading that they don't even want to produce for the local market, what happened to developing local content please? Why aren't there more policies to facilitate growth and develop potential in the Nigerian food and agribusiness sector. Food processors and agribusinesses should be supported to be able to produce qualitative food brands and adequately compete with foreign products.

Farms2shelves Is here to help agribusinesses and food processors process more efficiently and sustainably, establish reputable food brands and have access to markets.

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