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Quality over Quantity

Why is it that we are so fixated on quantity in this Country? Every farmer is thinking of how to produce more without paying attention to improving quality.

The truth of the matter is if we continue to churn out the same quality of products that we produce now, we will continue to get poor revenue from them, because our buyers will have to process much further and make massive improvement to them to make them consumable and acceptable for their markets so it only makes sense that They pay us very little.

So we want to abandon the image of large mechanized farms producing value added products that are very common in the west. In Nigeria, it can be millions and millions of farmers,  each with one, two, three, five hecters, maybe a few more if they're really wealthy farmers, all bringing their farm produce into the system and Farms2shelves creating a matching and market platform at a massive scale, finding ways to aggregate, process, package, store,

transport and deliver the products to markets both locally and Internationally.

Join us!

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